Dhule Education Society's College of Education

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff of B.Ed. Course
      Dr. Joshi A.P. (Principal)
Name Dr. Joshi A.P.
Designation Principal
Qualifications M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed., M.A. (Music) Ph.D.
Experience U.G. : 28 years     P.G. : 6 years
E-mail apjoshi28@gmail.com
Contact 9422961972
      Dr. Sapkale A.P. (Associate Professor)
Name Dr. Sapkale A.P.
Designation Associate Professor
Qualifications B.Sc. M.Sc., (Sub. Commn.) B.Ed., M.Ed., D.C.M. (SET) Ph.D.
Experience U.G. : 20 years     P.G. : 5 years
E-mail arati.sapkale@gmail.com
Contact 9623299754
      Dr. Chaudhari S.M. (Assistant Professor)
Name Dr. Chaudhari S.M.
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualifications B.A., M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., SET (Edu.) Ph.D.
Experience U.G. : 24 years     P.G. : 5 years
E-mail shobhachaudhari61@yahoo.in
Contact 9881844137
      Dr. Nikume M.D. (Assistant Professor)
Name Dr. Nikume M.D.
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualifications B.A., M.A.,(Eco, Mar, Soc, Commn), B.Ed., M.Ed., SET, NET, PAT, Ph.D.
Experience U.G. : 6 years     P.G. : 3 years
E-mail mnikume@yahoo.com
Contact 9145007447
      Prof. Sapkal G. D. (Assistant Professor)
Name Shri. Sapkal G.D.
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualifications B.A., M.A., B.Ed., M.A (Comm) M.Ed., SET, NET(Edu.)
Experience U.G. : 5 years     P.G. : 3 years
E-mail gajanansapkal84@gmail.com
Contact 9665447401
       Dr. Patil S. P. (Associate Professor)
Name Shri. Patil S. P.
Designation Associate Professor
Qualifications M.Com, M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., M.phil., PhD.
Experience U.G. : 27 years     P.G. : 6 years
E-mail sppatil1962@gmail.com
Contact 9421614495
      Prof. Dr. S.S. Chingare (Assistant Prof.)
Name Dr. S.S. Chingare
Designation Assistant Professor (C.H.B.)
Qualifications B.A., M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., SET
Experience U.G. :3 years
E-mail sschingare@gmail.com
Contact 9423493218
      Prof.V.N.Pimpale (Assistant Professor)
Name Prof.V.N.Pimpale
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualifications B.A., M.A.,M.Ed.SET
Experience 5 years
E-mail vaishalipimple@rediffmail.com
Contact 9923464028
     Prof.  Suryavanshi J.S. (Librarian)
Name Smt. Suryavanshi J.S.
Designation Librian
Qualifications B.A., B.Lib., M.A.(Comm) M.Lib., M.Phil SET, NET
Experience U.G. : 7 years
E-mail suryawanshijyotisuresh@rediffmail.com
Contact 9096589686

Non-Teaching Staff

Non-Teaching Staff Of B.Ed.
      Shri. Chitte H.K. (Head Clerk)
Name Shri. Chitte H.K.
Designation Head Clerk
Qualifications B.Com., M.P.Ed., C.C.C.O.
Experience 25 years
E-mail hamantchitte@yahoo.com
Contact 9822874970
      Shri. Ghadyalji D.P. (Senior Clerk)
Name Shri. Ghadyalji D.P.
Designation Senior Clerk
Qualifications B.Com., D.C.M.
Experience 24 years
E-mail ghadyaljideepak555@yahoo.com
Contact 9881136131
      Shri Wani B.J. (Peon)
Name Shri Wani B.J.
Designation Peon
Qualifications H.S.C., M.S.CIT
Experience 30 years
      Shri. Pimpale P.K. (Peon)
Name Shri. Pimpale P.K.
Designation Peon
Qualifications H.S.C.
Experience 22 years
      Shri. Pakhale J.S. (Peon)
Name Shri. Pakhale J.S.
Designation Peon
Qualifications S.S.C.
Experience 16 years

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