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1) DES college of Education has started A Multidisciplinary and Multilingual Half Yearly Educational Research Journal is called Shikshan Samrudhi. It’s ISSN No Journal. Its ISSN No is 2394 -0166. The details rules and information about journal is given for the subscription and to publish research papers.

2)  The college publishes yearly publication named- ‘pathey’ every year. The pathey contains summary of the progress & activities of college. The faculty members also contribute to it by writing articles on various educational issues. Students take part in every aspect of preparation & publication of the issue.

3)  The college has started a new publication “Aamhi”, since 2001. The basic idea behind this is that, when the student is admitted in the college, he feels isolated or lonely. But with the passing of the days, the programmes & activities make a drastic change in him. He starts to think about the world around him and not only himself. In a way, his journey from ‘I’ to ‘we’ is depicted in his own writings. He shares his experiences and changes observed by himself.

4)  Another special publication of our college is “Tejaswini”. It is related to women empowerment. The students are expected to learn the essential qualities from the lives of great Indian Women in various fields. Students study and collect the information regarding the women, whom we are very proud of. The collection of such writing is published in the name of “Tejaswini”.

5)  Hon. Principal & Lecturers of our college have published near about 30 books in different subject areas such as Psychology, Health education, Environment education, Value education, Women empowerment, Philosophy, Economics of Education and Marathi, Mathematics , Science, Geography methodology etc.

      They have also published research articles in different educational Journals.

Books Written by our Staff Members
Sr. No. Name No. of Books Title
1 Dr. A. P. Joshi 04 1) Psychological factors and Teaching Effectivencess.
2) Prayogatun sahaj Bhumiti
3) Youtube one Virtural Gurukul Padathi
4) Ganitatil Mahatvachi Sankalpana ani Shutre.
2   Prof. Dr.A.P.Sapkale 04   1) Vidnyan Ashayayukta Adhyapan
  2) Ganit Adhyapan Paddhati
  3) Bharatiya Shikshanvyavastecha Vikas
  4) Shaikshanik Tantravidnyan
3   Prof. Dr.S.S. Date 08   1) Kajalresha (Kavita Sangraha)
  2) Psychology of Learning
  3) Health Education
  4) Akshardhan
  5) Jagnyachya Khol Talashi
  6) Action Research
  7) Women Empowerment
  8) Matrubhasha Marathiche Adhyapan
4   Prof. Dr. M.D.Nikume 03   1) Swantantryottar Bharatiya Shikshanacha Itihas va Shikshanache Arthashastra
  2) Bharatiya Shikshak Shikshan Pranali
  3) Ashaya Adhyapan Paddhati Bhugol
Our Publications
Sr. No. Title Date
1 Shikshan Samrudhi June 2015
2   Patheya   Yearly
3   Amhi   Yearly
4   Tejaswini    Yearly
5   Teacher Empowerment and Education Excellence 2020   30th & 31st July 2012
6   Valmiki Ramayanam   13th & 14th August 2011
7   Women Empowerment and Social Commitment   29th, 30th November and 1st December 2010
8   Research Methodology   30th & 31st December 2011
9   Research Methodology   30th & 31st December 2011
10   Educational Research   12th & 13st December 2009
11   Human Rights and Women Empowerment   26th & 27st July 2009
12   Role of IQAC in Re-Accreditation   29th & 30th December 2008

Patheya : Our Yearly Publication

Amhi : Expressions of our students

Tejaswini : Expressions of thoughts of our students regarding women

Souvenir Published in National Level Seminar on ‘Teacher Empowerment and Education Excellence Vision 2020’, organized on 30th & 31st July 2012

Souvenir Published in Golden Julie Year 2010-11

Souvenir Published in National Level Seminar on ‘Valmiki Ramayana’, organized on 13th & 14th August 2011.

Souvenir Published in State Level Seminar, ‘Women Empowerment’, organized on 29th, 30th Nov., 1st Dec. 2010

Souvenir Published in National Level Seminar, 'Research Methodology' organized on 30th & 31st Dec. 2011

Souvenir Published in State Level Seminar, 'Value Education: A Multidisciplinary Approach', organized on 26th & 27th March 2010

Souvenir Published in State Level Seminar, 'Educational Research', organizes on 12th & 13th Dec. 2009

Souvenir Published in National Level Seminar, 'Human Rights & Women Empowerment', organized on 26th & 27th July, 2009

Souvenir Published in National Level Seminar, 'The Role of IQAC in Re-Accreditation', organized on 29th, 30th Dec. 2008
Patheya : Our Yearly Publication Patheya : Our Yearly Publication
Tejaswini : Expressions of thoughts of our students regarding women Expressions of thoughts of our students regarding Him Self
Tejaswini : Expressions of thoughts of our students regarding women Amhi : Expressions of our students
Patheya : Our Yearly Publication  
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